In Greek Mythology, there is a story that tells of an ambitious king. His name was Midas. King Midas is most famous for a wish he made, that everything he touched would turn to gold. It was a wish that soon became a curse. Eventually, he learned that striving for too much wealth caused a great deal of pain in his life and had his wish revoked. 

At Midas Mortgages, we draw a parallel from this example, believing that having too much debt robs a person of both time and quality of life as they work extra hours to pay off their commitments. We believe that life's truest riches can be found in a balance. We love nothing more than to help people like you get into your very own home, investment or commercial property, car or equipment finance while maintaining your quality of life. We help those who find themselves in the King Midas situation and need to restructure and retire debt. 


Spreading the love around…

Remembering the story of King Midas, we are keen to share our success with others. We do this by donating a minimum of 10% profit to a range of charities listed on our website here:


These charities support both local people and people overseas who are in need of assistance. You will also be supporting these charities when you allow Midas Mortgages and its associates to complete your finance. 


Our promise is to deliver excellent service to you at all times for all of your lending needs. 

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